My Skills

Here's some of the tech I've worked with so far.

My Projects

NBA Python Projects:

Python scripts that scrape the web to compile & analyze basketball statistics. I used a library called BeautifulSoup to scrape

Weighted Age of Championship Teams - Ranks the "age" of NBA championship teams.

NBA Finals Team Stats - Compiles the per-game statistics of every NBA finals team.

Data Visualization Projects:

Java applications that use a software package called Processing to create data visualizations and port them on the web.

Force-Directed Node-Link Graph - Simulates a self-structuring graph.

Theme River - Displays a flow of data over time.

Bouncing Circles - A simple project that handles the animation of bouncing circles.

Squarified Treemap - Displays a tree structure as rectangles within rectangles.

Tuberculosis Monitor:

Android App & Web API that helps track the health of Tuberculosis patients over time. The app connects to a server that analyzes cough recordings and keeps track of trends over time. Check out the project's academic poster to learn more, or view on github.

Task Manager:

Django web app that provides the basic functionality for creating, updating, deleting, and viewing your tasks at various time ranges. View on github.

My Experience

Software Engineer

July 2015 - Present

  • Completed full revamp of product detail pages, including updated version of product API and new responsive UI
  • Created internal tools that enable site owners to curate and edit content on our marketplace
  • Transitioned to run on custom Wordpress theme, adding previously non-existent CMS capabilities
  • Wrote and scheduled database jobs that create and manage user notifications
  • Managed organization and implementation of a Bronx public school extracurricular program as part of Adopt-a-School team

Software Engineer Intern

Summer 2014

  • Built an SNMP Trap Receiver that listens for the completion of jobs on network devices
  • Developed a JMX health dashboard for an OSGi-based system that exposes system internals for diagnostic purposes

Technical Intern

Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

  • Built data-driven Visio module (VBA) that generated diagrams of asset groupings & dependencies from asset technology data
  • Created a database of asset technology information that provided views for the Visio diagram generator
  • Abstracted diagram generator, expanding scope to wider range of departments within Fidelity
  • Presented the final product to architects from various departments who can benefit from a diagram generator

Peer Tutor

Fall 2012 - Spring 2015

  • Tutor students one-on-one in Comp 11 - Intro to Computer Science and Comp 15 - Data Structures